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Below are significant statistics and several articles of note

Use Your Voice!

Significant Statistics

  • Companies can boost profits by almost 100% by retaining just 5% more of their customers. Reichheld and Sasser, 1990, Harvard Business Review.

  • The turnover rate was 41% without training and dropped to 19% with training. Schlesinger & Heskett, 1991 study results.

  • Solving customer problems quickly is an essential ingredient in reducing customer loss. According to the customer service statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor:
      - 96% do not complain
      - One out of 20 do complain directly; more may do so online
      - 9 to 10 people hear of the problem
      - 10% tell 20 to 30 people about poor service
      - 54% to 70% return if complaints are resolved
      - 95% return if the problem is resolved quickly
  • 90% of corporate executives say that employees are the most important variable in their company's success. Towers Perrin survey. However, people-related issues such as training and compensation consistently ranked at the bottom of the list. "Executives rank 'People' issues", April 2005, HR Focus 72(4):14.

  • 70% of the customers lost by thirteen big service and manufacturing companies were lost due to lack of attention from front-line employees. Peters, 1995, Service or Perish, Forbes 156(13):S142-44

  • Very satisfied customers are 6 times more likely to repurchase than satisfied customers. Xerox Corporation Study, 1991

  • Why customers stop buying: 68% bad service or lack of attention. Study by The Forum Group.

  • 82% of the way your customers view your company is strongly influenced by the way the phone is answered. Communications Briefings, Alexandria, VA

  • Poor communication is the most frequently reported single major source of frustration in companies. Beech, Burns & Sheffield, 1983.

  • Companies that got the highest marks for quality of customer service achieved twice the ROI and market share of companies rated as providing inferior customer service. Strategic Planning Institute, 2009.

  • 84% of what people hear is based on the tonality of the speaker's voice. UCLA study, 1994.


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